School Attendance/Covid and Ofsted Monitoring

School Support During Covid-19

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The following is a summary of the questions which I am aware the Multi-Academy Trusts and schools I support have experienced during recent support visits from Ofsted:

1. Have all pupils returned to full time education if school age?

Those not currently attending – reasons?

2. How many pupils have come off roll to home educate since March 2020? What have you done about this?

3. What are you doing to support pupils who are not currently attending, how are you planning to get them back into school?

4. How do parents know what to do and when they can or can’t bring their children to school?

5. What arrangements do you have in school to protect children and staff?

6. How have children responded to measures in school e.g. distancing and hand washing and how have you encouraged this? Are parents aware of the measures in place?

7. What changes have you made to your safeguarding procedures in the light of COVID 19?

8. Did you make any referrals over the COVID period?  What was the response from children’s services?

9.    Were you able to secure the support children needed from other agencies over the COVID period – and now? – especially with reference to EHCP children, mental health needs and attendance.  What picture are you seeing with regard to pupils’ mental health as they have returned?

10. Behaviour/Mental Health – Has pupils’ behaviour/mental health been impacted during partial closure and is this impacting on attendance/behaviour/attainment within the classroom. Do you think you may need to use catch up funding to support behavioural needs? 

11. Curriculum – have you adjusted your curriculum offer in the light of COVID 19 since whole school re-opening – eg what about sport, music etc – narrowing. How are you supporting students who have to self-isolate to access the curriculum offer? 

In the New Year I suspect there will be a continuing focus on how children are being supported and safeguarded and how remote education is being monitored – not just for access, as we know some families can struggle with this, but also around engagement (a far more difficult process to monitor).

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